Buffering/Stuttering Effect Device

Hi everyone.

Sorry if that has come up before (had a quick search, didn’t see anything) but it’d be nice to have a buffering/looping type effect to do those classic stutter and glitch effects.

Seems to me that a lot of renoise users like their glitch/breaks type genres, and this would be a great tool to help with that sort of thing. I am under the impression (I work for a major plugin developer but I’m not a DSP dev) that this ought not be too tricky by comparison to more advanced things like synths, reverbs etc. A tempo-synced memory buffer with some rudimentary control over record/playback length/time etc.

Anyway, it’d be great fun for live performances, and renoise is getting better for live use with every release!

Look in the Depreciated folder of DSP Chains for a device called Stutter ;)

Also a quick use of the SEARCH feature of this forum may of helped you not look a bit of a fool but here’s the original thread on it and why it was removed from the Gold release of 2.5


Thanks, not sure how I missed that when I searched, but not to worry.

Seems interesting that there are two desired effects, one being chaotic and one being controlled. I’m personally more interested in control in terms of it being a way to instantly “grab” a bar and loop for live performance fun. I’m lesss interested in chaotic random stuff.

It seems strange that this caused so much bother, but I am in no position to question the outcome as I have no knowledge of the underlying renoise audio engine. I’ll try the deprecated device to see how I get on, and perhaps sometime in the future this will get picked up again. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction!

you can program your own stutters in Renoise through note event programming in the pattern editor on higher lpb/bpm settings, giving you more line resolution to work in and/or use retrigger pattern commands.

Also, besides the deprecated stutter device, there are a bunch of vst-plugins that achieve glitches/stutters, search kvr for examples (imageline gross beat, izotope stutter, dfx buffer override and dblue glitch come to mind).

Also I feel the effect can sound overused and old, kind of cliché, use wisely :wink: