Bug/Feature request - Clipboards

Something strange seems to be going on with the Scripting Editor and the clipboard!

I have highlight selections, copy and paste it within the scripting editor, between the same or different files. I can copy from the scripting editor and open up Notepad or Word etc and paste into them no problem. But I can not then select the text in Notepad and paste back into the Scripting Editor!

I was trying to work out what might be wrong with the formatting on my manifest.xml (at least I thought that might be the problem as it was before when I had similar symptoms) so I copy and pasted one from a different tool to see if it would make any difference. It didn’t but not it wont let me paste back into the scripting editor so I will have to type it by hand again!

Sure not much of a worry with the small manifest.xml but generally I much prefer using Notepad++ to do coding where I can (helps me keep a track of number of open brackets, among other things) so if I can’t paste in large chunks of code from an external program this really is going to be a royal pain!!

I have no problems copying and pasting between ordinary notepad and the terminal, neither with copying from editors like PSPad.
I can understand that if copied parts contain extra meta data (like font information etc.) that this is no longer interpretable as plain text. This can happen when copying from Word or Wordpad and the likes.

I remember running into something similar in the past. Sorry for not being able to give more details right now, but that does seem familiar. A copy-paste lockdown of some sorts, with the scripting terminal.

Thing is it didn’t paste nothing but kept in its clipboard whatever had last been copied from the Scripting Editor. Whereas into other programs (tried Notepad, Word and Renoise Forum on Firefox) pasting always inserted whatever I had last copied, the Scripting Terminal would always only contain what had been copied from itself. So depending on what program I pasted into I would get a different selection of text.

I tried Notepad and the Quick Reply box from this forum as I thought they might remove any of the meta data that would prevent it from being plain text. Obviously I could be mistaken with them…

on windows?

Considering the used phrases “Notepad” and “Word” i guess that will be a yes.

My bad, yeah on Doze. Can’t remember if it was noticed on my home PC (WinXP) or the one at work (Win7) though. Just tested at work and I seem to be able to C&P as expected now though. Hopefully just a glitch that was solved with a restart… (Fairly confident it was on the work PC as the late shift is where I found most my time to work on the little shortcuts tool.)