Bug? MIDI import behavior different between 3.3.x / 3.4.x, missing simultaneous note columns

It looks like MIDI import behavior is different between 3.3.x / 3.4.x.
When importing a MIDI file that contains a channel with simultaneous notes/chords,
only one column of notes appears, and the rest of the simultaneous notes that would be in the other columns are missing,
with no additional columns created.
Two MIDI files are attached that can demonstrate what appears in the screenshot (Windows 11).
This occurs when dragging/dropping, importing from the file menu, or drag/drop directly from MIDI apps like XO, Orb, etc, also when exporting MIDI files from fruityloops or Reaper.
midi_export.mid (256 Bytes)
XO-beat_MIDI.mid (464 Bytes)


yeah, looks like bug.


Could we get a couple more users to test? MIDI files to test with are in the OP. Thanks!


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