Bug Or A Missmatch / Vst-Plug Mac/win

Using: ReNoise V. 2.7.2 / Win XP SP3 / MAC OSX 10.6.8

Created a song on PC. Most tracks using ReNoise-Sound, 2 Tracks using ‘Cakewalk DimensionPro’, 1 Track is using ‘Cakewalk Rapture’. Save this song and copy via USB-Stick to MAC.
Now open the song on MAC. All ok but ReNoise tells me, that ‘Rapture-VST’ not be found.

But I can load ‘Rapture-VST’ after loading the song (or for to create a new song too …), change to the sound I need and save the song on MAC. Now if I load the song, all works fine. But why did´nt ReNoise find ‘Rapture’ if I´m loading a song that was saved before on PC?

And another question: Some sequencers can do the following: If I´m working on PC with VST-Plug-versions, on MAC same plugs as AU, change a song from PC to MAC and loading there the song, this sequencers loads the same plugs but in AU-Version and loading the right sounds too.

Do you think, you can do same in ReNoise?


Renoise depends on unique Plugin ID’s, i guess the Mac version has a different plugin ID than the PC one. Or perhaps your plugin versions aren’t as identical as that you think.

Trying to load a plugin that seems equivalent could lead to crashes if the versions of plugins are different.

Thx for your reply. Your answer sounds logical (why the problem happens with ReNoise), I understand.

I checked and: the versions ‘Cakewalk Rapture’ I / We using on MAC and PC are exactly same (1.2.2), but really I don´t see which id - and cakewalk could not answere it too – (maybe in some month :slight_smile: :slight_smile: - I think :-)) --.

So, i don´t understand why it does not work actually? - Do you think it will be possible, that a user can change in (near future) a plug-list of ReNoise (users own risk) maybe:

that if a file uses (example) ‘Rapture’ (version x / plug x) that ReNoise opens ‘actually installed’ version of ‘Rapture’.

Will really be fine if there is any idea, because not only me is working with ReNoise on Win AND MAC-OS (one of reasons why bought) and bought plugs allways for both OS-platforms, so that changing platform (because musicians of projects are working on diff. platforms) will work fine.

thx for your resp. again

There is a way to find out if you want to know it for sure: Save your Renoise instrument in Windows, then change the Xrni extension to zip and unpack it, you can find the plugin ID inside the instrument.xml.
Do the same with a saved instrument on your Mac and i don’t doubt you will find the differences soon enough.