[buggy VST] Cursor Sometimes Disappears With Glitch VST...

When I’m inside Renoise, playing my song. And I’m changing the parameters of well known VST of dblue; dblue_glitch. My mouse can disappear, which leaves me no choice to exit Renoise. I can still save the file, using the shortkey. I can also still click everything, but without seeing what you are clicking is real unhandy. My cursor is back visible when I’m above the taskbar. Also tried to minimize Renoise, and maximize it back, but didn’t work neither…

This has happened to me only twice, after Glitch is opened for take 5 minutes. But real shitty in live situations…

Any idea what can be causing this?

Happened to me on a Windows XP…

happened to me again, this is getting annoying… :confused:

This is a bug in Glitch, not Renoise, so you can blame me for it. It’s due to my crappy mouse handling when tweaking the parameters. Sometimes it’s possible for the mouse up event to be ignored, leaving the cursor in the hidden state.

Can you tell me exactly which version of Glitch you’re using?

If it happens again, try to click around in Glitch’s GUI until you hit a parameter knob. I think this will trick the cursor into appearing again, but I’m not sure. It’s been quite a while since I heard about this problem happening.

I’ve got version v1.3.04; the latest.
I’ll try to do that trick if it happens again, I’ll pm you when that doesn’t work…

Had the problem again. This time on an other pc, a vista laptop.
And your solution didn’t work, I tried to twist knobs without seeing the cursor…

So it doesn’t sound like it is [solved] if this is about 1.3.04 (i hope you had the right one loaded, in the past i once had two editions in one song and the oldest version crashed Renoise without me being aware i still had an old version in the same song)…

Nope, never said it was solved.
It’s definitely the latest version, it says so in the interface… (:

Moderators: Just mark this one as a buggy VST.

this is what i did in the first place. I don’t know who changed it to “[solved]”

It’s a … glitch. :D

Yeah, ironic.

What I did forgot to say; I never had a problem with Glitch in any other program. Only one time an Ableton Live crash caused by dblue_glitch.

So maybe it is a compatibility problem with Renoise, is it possible?

In other VST’s I sometimes have mouse control problems too, inside Renoise. Which I never (ever) had in any other host.
Sometimes a small problem in ABL2 (VSTi), that my cursor can only handle the button/knob by making a vertical movement, and not an horizontal movement.

No the other programs don’t use DirectDraw for their interface while Renoise does.
This also clashes with some VST plugins that desire to use DirectDraw for their own purposes.