[buggy VST] Ni Vokator Not Working In Renoise In 64-bit Vista

NI Vokator is not showing up in my effect list in Renoise, which is running in 64-bit Vista. None of my other VST plugins are having any problems. Any ideas as to the cause or solution?

From scanning the forums, I suspect that jBridge may be of some help if the problem lies in my 64-bit environment, so I will try that.


I think it should show up in you vst instrument list in stead of your effect list because its more an instrument.

It doesn’t show up in either list.

I should also add that it did work on my previous 32-bit XP system on a laptop.

32-bit apps vs 64-bit environments always causes questions and problems.
One of these days a 64-bit Renoise pops up just to be able to deal with the 64-bit integers (and then translate them back to 32-bit :P).

Since Renoise is 32 bit, you don’t need any bridge for it. Problem with Vokator is, that NI has stopped development on it long ago and as far as i know it’s not 64bit compatible. NI has provided these updates for other products for example.