Buggy Vst Sticky?

Hey, was wondering: 1) It would be great if there was a sticky with all the known buggy vsts, information posted by us obviously + info from the archives.

  1. Is this idea useless as maybe some vsts are only buggy with some computers?

I am not too bothered with my vst issues, however, it does put me off working for a day as i get scared to crash renoise…my bigger concern is I m actually giving serious thought to buying a few vsts which i think are worth the money…would rather know ahead of time if they are buggy or not…

I know most have a demo download, however, a couple do not…one of which I have my eye on :rolleyes:

Anyone c a use in my idea? Let’s hear your thoughts.
Tarek :)

i kind of like the idea,but again i think this will quickly grow into a huge "archieve"because some vsts are only for win,and some have/or will soon have au(for mac)betas

so i still think its best to just post in the bugs forum with what problem you are having and with what plug-in + all the info you can give on you OS and machine +log files