Build A Wha Wha With Renoise Natives Effects.


What a real wha wha do to the sound ? I think it’s lower a low pass cutoff while increasing rez… Or I’m totally wrong. I need to really control a wha wha and there’s only auto wha stuff around the interweb.

So, do you know a self controlled vst wha wha or how can I reproduce it with effects ?

Thx, @+

It’s written “wah-wah” not wha wha, this will help your googling efforts.

LFO / Signal follower -> Bandpass filter cutoff (butterworth, moog might work as well).

Using a Signal Follower would push it into the realm of an Auto-Wah really. Does seem most use a single filter but no reason you couldn’t use two filters and have a LFO to move each between the two formant frequencies.

This seems fairly good reading:

Great link! Thanks
So two whas are better than one, I might try that, I always wonder how to make that ohyeah sound.

It’s nice ! I like wha wha whi wha ! HIgh Five !