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I have a few words about the invention of the Intelligence Quotient, that all of this is presumably based on, but they begin to push toward full blown antisemitism which I do not enjoy going into. As it’s literally impossible to keep it fully intellectual and not let emotions override the discourse.

However, has anyone ever thought it’s quite possible the Intelligence Quotient may only properly gauge a specific subset of human genetics such as the race who designed the gauge itself?

If you look deep into it, the IQ is firmly tied in with the ability for counting money.
Since we all know money is not the most important thing to a great many people. (unless there are macro shifts in standards of living.)
So it goes to stand there is not just one gaugeable intelligence, but many that are un-gauged, un-represented thus completely hidden from the system.

It really shows it’s fallible side even more so, when the person with the highest recorded IQ on the planet has done nothing notable whatsoever. Yet the IQ is a global standard…

simply clicking the “+1” button felt just not enough for me. Thanks for writing your thoughts here.

Patrice O’Neal

Mike Tyson and Cus D’Amato


I so, so strongly to the core of my being agree with that video.

The point that the video makes (to me) is that 99% of school is about following a path. For the sake of following a path, as if it’s the only righteous pursuit. However, if the most successful people are those that go to university and complete it, and those people did it because they were told to do so, then are they really the most free thinking or creative, or successful people among us?

I understand the value of school. I like having a doctor that was quite well educated. However, school very often inhibits creativity, erects walls and penalizes free thought, especially if it deviates away from the prescribed path. There is a generic social / human acceptance that having a degree means that someone is smart. To me, it proves that they are able to follow instructions, but doesn’t illustrate that they ever asked why or walked their own path.

Which ultimately means that hiring someone with an extremely high GPA means they are fantastic at following orders, and would likely make an exceptional employee. But it doesn’t make them a leader. School doesn’t create leaders, it creates followers. Yes, I think that is where my thought process is going.

There are all kinds of sweeping generalizations I’m making here, and I really should make this post shorter because it’s become a rant.

The point of the video is that school does not encourage creative thought, it mostly encourages following what you are told. If you do so unquestioningly then you are missing the point of what school is supposed to be.

P.S, in the defense of schools, I had to use spell check, and man… I had a lot of mistakes.

People following studies are needed but unfortunately highly undervalued.
We need good scientists to progress in our technological advances, but we don’t often get the next Einstein introduced lately and the majority who bring us great achievements mostly die in vain.

Steve Jobs died, responsible for founding of Apple, NeXT and Pixar, didn’t had much time to study anywhere if i look up this data on Wikipedia.
Dennis Ritchie died one week later, responsible for C and co-founding Unix, studied at Harvard University, got several rewards for his efforts in the Unix world.

Steve Jobs got a global goodbye after his death, Dennis Ritchie died in solitude and almost in vain.
Nevertheless, they both accomplished things that advanced the technology as it is today because it is people like Jobs who stick out their neck for something they believe in and people like Ritchie who can translate vision into reality, who we need.
Whether the path is study or something that doesn’t involve university, all it takes is your own beliefs that you can manage to create things or have them realized as long as you have the gift of persuading people to develop those ideas or convincing others to support your development.

An analysis of the film Unforgiven.


That’s extremely interesting, although I’ve always thought the movie portrayed a Christian Message. “The pursuit of money, is not how the meek would inherit the earth.” That sort of thing.

Anyways, “There’s no hard evidence the ScreenWriter’s named Sherriff Bill after a $.”


Also the name, “Munny,” yep, that is a dead ringer for Money. But was the idea behind the name Marxist? Why Marxist and not Christian?

Yeah… Every, “Marxist,” message in this movie, is also a, “Christian,” message, and I would chalk this up to coincidence. Unless you want to have a conversation about Marxist Followers of Christ?

Unfornately what we have here is, “Euro-Spin,” ergo, “Americans must be too stupid to understand their own movies.”

Well… “At the Marxist party,” right before donation time, they neglected to tell everybody, “Wild Bill Hickok, was also a sheriff.”

And btw, I thought your review was really well written, and I will not deny, “that is totally odd.”

I didn’t write the review… but I’m guessing that’s not what you meant ?

I’m not well versed with Marxism, so I can’t really add to the conversation in that regard, however,
I thought the writer, J. W. Rinzler, was cool enough to hunt down or distill what was so moving about the film to him.
A very well written piece indeed, the sort of writing I wish would be spoken by a great voice.

I agree with what he wrote about the film, about the “two distinct kinds of relationships: non-material and material.”
And the very clever use of polluted economics, manipulating everyone’s motivations.
Perhaps this isn’t so obvious because its sort of become a social norm, to be ruled by polluted economics.

And by motivation, I mean it in a film theory traditional sense. Where students are taught to write simply what literally moves a character.
In other words, actions speak louder than words.

Efren Penaflorida

Not exactly what I meant, no… Obviously, I did not think you were @ “a Marxist festival,” but I thought, it was yours, and I found it brilliant. Now I see the review poses a couple of rhetorical questions, and previously I thought they were direct questions. Either way, “I began to see similarities between Marxism and Christianity,” that I previously did not.

This is where I thought, “yeah, that’s really Christian and not Marxist.”

This guy is wide awake. Nice job.

Edit = but I can imagine where any sort of, “marxist festival,” would indeed be a lot of spin. And it was hard for my brain not to think of, “anti-capitalism, anti-Americanism.” Its kinda sucky, but that is what I envision is a, “marxist festival.” having never been to one and all… I think there is a great deal of snobbery, from leftist hypocrites like that.

Even Al Gore, who is supposed to be an American, and yet he sells his tv station to a media hate group. So that is really kind of, “pathetic.”

I see nothing wrong with capitalism, however, “i do not believe we live in a true capitalist society.”

I don’t think America is really capitalism anymore, that is what I am saying, but I will just go off a deep end here, “with my own confusion about my own country, and then my own shortcomings on the ideas in Marxism, and the whole thing will become a mess. So I will leave it there.”

Oh, and I very much agree there… I think, “a true capitalist society,” would not exhibit these polluted economics. Its because we stray from our freedoms, we wind up where we are…

And I do mean, “the whole world,” by that.

“When I was young, I believed in three things: Marxism, the redemptive power of cinema, and dynamite. Now I just believe in dynamite.” -Sergio Leone

Google that guy’s name and maybe you’ll understand the context for the Unforgiven review…

I have to watch the whole movie again now. I’ve seen it many times, and can watch again with fresh sight. I was totally wrong.

Life affords us opportunity to learn and contribute. All challenges are opportunities. In the widest context apparent failure is actually another prelude to achievement.

For many, evolution can be best assisted by participating in the conditions at hand. Refined consciousness may call for stealth and efficiency depending on the context. Even the smallest service has important, often unnoticed, ripple effects.

The education and employment systems are extensions of the old guilds maintaining corrupt power structures, but they are also filled with little gems of light. Attuning receptivity will show where reaping can be made, interwoven with the formality and drudgery of conformity and compliance. Working hard builds resilience.

It is a mistake to assume any certificate or title indicates acquisition of genuine qualities. An essential aspect of existing is realising your own true evolving path and then finding efficiency to walk that path in face of all opposition. Genuine qualities are acquired along the way, which is not money or fame, but attributes of trust in life, trust in self, obedience to natural law, uprightness, impersonality, will to sacrifice, faithfulness, reticence, joy in life, purposefulness, wisdom and unity.

Man, you guys rock. I can’t even keep up with this convo any more. Time to go soak up some more philosophy.

Martin Luther King, Jr.

Using Renoise has changed my whole understanding of computers unlike any other software I’ve ever used. This thread is still very interesting, as I am I still quite sure that having a degree, and learning are still very important. Recently I stumbled on something really cool… I think I found it, reading my LinkedIn newsfeed… Its called Udacity, and I believe that is a play on the word Audacity, and I think its because the founder thought it would be quite audacious for anybody to dive in, and see if they could teach themselves something new.

I really love music, and always will, but becoming a producer, rather than just a player of traditional instruments has opened my eyes to so many new possibilities. Check it out https://www.udacity.com/

Renoise = amazing
music = truth

print amazing + truth

Unfortunately they never got the exercises section expanded beyond Mathematics but there are a lot of lessons and material in the videos in other subjects and it is a site I’ve used sporadically for a while.

I’m talking about Khan Academy here, not Udacity: https://www.khanacademy.org

Recommended to check out, and very highly recommended if you ever feel you need to brush up on your mathematics skills you may have found you have lost somewhat.