Building My Own Home Music Studio !

Hellow fellow angelmusicians,

I’m completely new with renoise, i think i now already now 30% of the capabilitys of the program.
My idea is to built a small home studio.

I have a powerbook G4 15inch screen, well and this is my question to you all :

  • is it possible to complement a synthesizer or keyboard (wich of both is the best for using with Renoise ?) and does someone of you have the experience of using diffrent brands and models;
    so yes what do you think wich brand and model is the best -> i am going for a somewhat better than standard synthesyzer or keyboard; oh yeah on what can you make the most effects with :
  • a keyboard
  • or synthesizer ?
  • i also wanted a Roland Groovebox to complement with the software, but i think that is impossible !?!!

And finally has someone already built a studio with this program as base, and if yes, what are all the options i have to buy instruments ! : i have exactually 2.500 euros to spent !!!

I just don’t know what is possible ?!??

I thank you for reading this posting and hope for some good helpfull replays,
and there by i give you my love to those who can help me as a favior in return :slight_smile:


you have a few options there.

first of all get some decent loudspeakers/monitors that suit your needs, along with a good audiocard to get a good sound.

then, organize everything you need neatly around your desk. for example I have setup my turntable so I can reach it without having to get up from my chair, because I sample alot.

about the keyboard thing, that really depends what you want to do. if you need the feel of a real piano then get a good midi-keyboard with good keys. for my part I am happy with my cheap m-audio radium keyboard, because I merely trigger samples and have not much need for velocity and such. this may be completely different for you.

Also, if you want to tweak parameters or be able to program softsynths with dials and faders, get a keyboard with knobs or get some additional controller, there are lots around from behringer, doepfer and other companies.

the biggest decision you have to do is if you want to do everything in renoise or if you want to hook up external hardware. if you go for a groovebox or an additional synth then you will need an external mixer, a midi-card with cables, a way to sample the main-out of the mixer, you will have to hook up and sync everything … but I cant tell you much about that, because I do everything in renoise.

Anyway, it is surely possible to make a studio based on renoise, just take any studio you know or can imagine and just replace the logic/cubase/nuendo/whatever with renoise, its simple as that.

Buy a second hand car with a good audio system, construct an ISO converter to connect to your laptop and then mix around in your car.

It’s the cheapest studio you can get without needing to do too much with the surroundings.