Built In Delay Suggestions

Two quick suggestions:

  1. Make each instance of the built-in delay remember it’s multipliers. At Currently, multipliers of all instances share a pair of variables so a change to multipliers in one instance changes all.

  2. Add a “keep BPM sync” button, please. My desired behaviour of that button would be:

  • if no multiplier was selected: scale delay time aritmetically

  • if a multiplier was selected: use it’s value to calculate the new delay time

  • if a multiplier was selected and then an offset applied: use the multiplier value and apply the same offset (this way those nice +/- couple ms delay based spatial enhancements will get scaled correctly)

Is there any chance this gets implemented in 1.271? - it’s not much work as far as I can say :rolleyes:


I think it’s a nice idea as well, but consider there are loads of other “not much work” features to be added to the 1.271 release as well… :)