Built-in Plugin Latency?

Quick question: Which, if any of the built-in plugins (filters, delay, verb) add delay (even a very small delay) to the signal path? I remember asking this long ago and at least some of them caused delay, don’t remember which though…

You mean delay in terms of pre delay before applyance?

There is always a delay performed regarding your audio hardware performance capacity, but i think any other delay than that may just be a false sense imagination.

The quickest test is to use different tracks using one of these effects and only use the dry signal (keep the “send” slider to it’s lowest) and copy the notes to a track whereas you don’t apply any effects.

Then render all the tracks as seperate wave files to disk, then compare which ones are delayed.

Each rendered wave always have a certain amount of predelay in the rendering to give VSTI’s the time to fully initialise properly, but if all rendered tracks do start at the exact same moment, then there is no pre-delay in the built-in DSP effects.