Built-in Synth

I might get fried for suggesting this, but i’ll give it a shot!!

Didn’t an old version of noisetrekker have a native synth in it? If i remeber correctly the synth wasn’t amazing, but it was something to work with that meant the software was much more “out of the box” friendly.

So i think if the developers could include even just a simple 2 osc subtractive synth(for example), people could make tracks nice and easy with only some drum samples or wahetver and built-in synth. Making renoise a much more all-in-one solution kind of thing.

Plus, nice to think of a reasonable synth that was nicely integrated with the rest of the software in look, feel and operation. Be great to make tracks with only renoise, renoise synth and renoise FX, that’d be cool. Imagine maybe a simple aanlog drum machine too, then it’d be a one-stop shop for electronica :w00t:

I await flames or screams of “we’ve had this topic 57 times!!” :unsure: :D

We’ve had this topic 58 times, actually ;)

An internal synth would kill the performance of renoise and as it supports VSTi, the Synth doesn’t make sense, IMHO

well, it does make sense, actually.

I would love to see it back, but I think that the RNI future ideas would really make it a nonsense :)

well, how about sample recording possibility? instead of very limited crappy basic osc synth you could have every single voice into renoise…and that WOULD make sense for your RNI structure idea…

keep it simple, keep it real…peace

Don’t agree here… For sampling I would use a tool like wavelab or Soundforge or similar… But thats just IMHO.

and instead of built in synths ppl have tons of vstis on harddisk

Is that including or excluding this one?

I know that everybody has loads of VSTi, but i’ll try to explain my thinking.

When i first got Orion BAsic years ago, i had VSTi to plug into that. But i certainly appreciated having tools built-in so i could get going stariaght away. They tend to integrate better with the software, and just nice to be able to make tunes right away using only the software provided.

Anyway it was just a thought, maybe it’ll happen, maybe not. All i can say is that i liked having those included 303 style synths in the old noisetrekker. They were fun :D

I agree with Quincy here, mainly because I see it as a way to make file sharing simpler. Ever exchanged .rns files only to discover that your friend doesn’t have that really simple synth vst you used andthought nothing of, and for some reason it isn’t compatible with or was never written for his system? This situation occurs frequently when exchanging files between Windows and OSX users.
Having just a small and reasonably processor-efficient synth built in to renoise, and if the users want it, another more powerful synth, would be ideal in this circumstance.

How about just bundling renoise with a couple of free VSTs? That’s basically what you have in fruityloops, with a couple of limited specially adapted synths from reFX, and others. I think the renoise sampler would be pretty decent for subtractive synth jobs too, if it had a couple of small essential features, like keyboard tracking for filter cutoff.

Still I thing the built-in synth is a good nice-to-have. I’d appreciate it.
I’d like to mention the point that Renoise would probably become very popular for composing chip-tunes (while it is getting popular for professional purposes at the same time) because you only have to save the patterns then. Or at least you’re can load less waves than you’d do usually.