Bukem'ish Breakbeat Electronica

Ey, just finished a track and like to share. find it here:

or direct dl:

Words are always appreciated!



Fucking rad! This reminds of some stuff by Plaid, especially from the 2003 album “Spokes”. I really, really, really love the vibe in the second half the track. Would you possibly be interested in letting me try some kind of remix?

PM sent :)

I LOVE this!! Can’t even put my finger on it, deep atmospheres, very curious rythms, very interesting and challanging listen. Yeah. Just very fooking awesome, sir!

What a sound by the way… can you say crrrrrrrisp?!

cool… nice genre mash,… love the little details…

the high freq that starts at 0:43 is killing me though… stops again round 1:15… (again at 3:15)

i feel weird now… relaxed… but weird ;] very tuned…

fix those highs :ph34r: and its oh so nice.

Cool cat! <3

Sounds melodically talented for my left hemisphere point of view. Interesting progression ideas and beat trickery. Personally I’m far from making this kind of music. The atmosphere progressed to beautiful ending. Actually, the song made me happy. Respect! :)

Thnx guys! :) Really appreciate the kind words.