Bump For Wet/Dry Controls On Compressors

i cant seem to find the thread so just a small bump for wet/dry controls on the internal compressors and maybe a few other renoise devices

I doubt we’ll see this in 2.6, but the idea is certainly appealing. I like the way Reaper has done it with wet/dry controls for EVERY effect. That’s especially good for some plugins that don’t have wet/dry control within them. I’m not strictly suggesting that Renoise does this immediately because there are workarounds abound.

For example, with the Renoise compressors you could use them in a send channel, and then control the wet/dry amount back at the source with a post-sender-gain-control with ‘keep source’ on. It’s fiddly to set up, but that will work.

just thought i would throw this bump in there,as i know many people have requested this :walkman:

thanks for the workaround tip though,will try it out untill we see this implemented