Bump This Thread If You Purchased Renoise

Purchased during version 1.9. I’ve never regretted spending it.


Bought 1.0 in July or August 2002.

2nd buy: 2.0 this years april. ;)

Dual bump FTW!

oh… intelligent forum is intelligent and preventing me from double posting! \o/

v 1.5

Bought 1.5 in mid 2005.

Always wondered, why was there a 1.28 release (instead of 1.3)?

I never bought Renoise, my moms bought Renoise 1.5 Final for me :)

You gotta love moms.

purchased 1.9 sometime in december of 08 (give or take a month)

I registered in early 2008. I think it’s a pretty decent price tag.



1.81 in April 2005 - that’s bloomin’ ages! I’ve only written about 5 tunes in that time but Renoise is still worth every penny!

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Bumpetibump :)

registered in march 2008 …could be february ,not sure

Purchased a license a a month ago!!!

Purchased a license a month ago!!! :)

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Bought 1.9, in… well… when it was released. Can’t remember exactly. :D

bought 1.8 maybe a year and a half ago - worth every penny

I bought 1.5, some time ago ;)