Bump This Thread If You Purchased Renoise

(td6d) #401

Welcome, welcome!

(redlegoman) #402

Bump! Bought a while ago, and been loving it ever since!

(crazya02) #403

Bumpity bump. Bi-bumpity bump.

(naquada) #404

purchased this morning… love it…!!!

OSX Lion… now i just need chipsounds and an cheap good orchestra VSTi ;)

(yeahkarl) #405

bought renoise when version 2.0 came. and that was a wise decision!
I grew up (musically) with MPtracker and still was using it for beatmaking
when i was not getting comfy with reason and logic 5 and cubase sx3.
now im educated in protools and logic and use cubase 5 every now and then.
but I still turn to renoise for just about everything
except for multitracking or recording vocals.
very pleased :rolleyes:

(fleow) #406

I buy it, i love it :drummer:

(yzi) #407

Bump! Back to trackers

(jebbyderinger) #408

Bought version 2.6 though I’ve been using the demo since the beginning of time.

(hseiken) #409

i’ve bought it twice now…first license ran out, updated it with current version.

(gelabs) #410


(phooka) #411

June 9th 2011 Loving every byte of it

(dem) #412

I just bought it today !

(D.A.T.) #413

i purchased cubase, i bought NI kontakt, some plugins, windows 7… and i think november last year i bought renoise and it was the only one i have no regrets about… and i found the fun in making music again :)

(Rittenhaus) #414


Just bought it this year. Never tracked much before, though I’d known about trackers since Amiga days. Reason remains my primary tool but Renoise’s sampling superpowers are pretty dope.

(wahrk) #415

I bought Renoise back at 2.1, spent my vicodin’d up wisdom tooth extraction recovery time learning it meticulously, and have been cranking out the beats and mangling sound ever since.

I periodically (ever 6 months or so) re-read the manual to kind of refresh my brain.

(Funkyrobot) #416

Bought the licence this morning.

(pvcf) #417

second time i bought thelicence, first from 1.2 to 2.2 and now from 2.8 —> 8)

(Keef Baker) #418

from 1.5 and upgraded recently.

Always will.

(krixa) #419

Registered since version 2.1 :drummer:

(Breakthru) #420

Registered Noisetrekker 3 (around 2001-2002) that became Protrekker and finally Renoise. Got free updates until 2.0, and I bought the 2.0 - 3.0 upgrade.