Bump This Thread If You Purchased Renoise

(scaai) #421

Licensed Impulse Tracker 1999.

Yesterday I bought this absolutely fabulous piece of software.
Renoise is a universe!

(nathan diniz) #422

Officially got news that a friend of mine was nice enough to buy this for me, so now I have Renoise 2.7.2, and I will be able to download up to V3.8.x so I’m officially bumping this thread!

(ghostwerk) #423

Bump :D Been tracking since I was 11, have used the demo version of Renoise since 2011, happy to have 2.8 :3

(Zerpk) #424

Registered through 3.8, thanks for the constant updates. Bumped for support

(Carcrashflashback) #425

Happy bump…

(grymmjack) #426

Re-bought this a month or two ago. Hadn’t had a chance to get in there except for casual hourly sessions. Since I’ve been ill I’ve had more time, and man it really lit a fire in my heart and mind. Very grateful to the development team. Extremely great progress and what it’s done has rekindled an old flame. I was recently bitten by Ableton bug you see, and while Live is great, it’s also different. Sometimes it pays to change up ones approach. I forgot how much fun tracking was.

Thanks also to the person responsible for the videos on YouTube channel. Helped me remember a lot of what I had forgotten.

(ionisaattor) #427

WEEEE! Finally bought it! :walkman:


And yeah it’s a great program. I’ve been using Jeskola Buzz for years, and before that Impulse Tracker & Scream Tracker, so tracking is in my blood.
I was totally astonished after I tried the demo first time! Nice work! And Thanks again!

And now, gonna do some serious tracking! :yeah:

(protman) #428


(Baleoce) #429

Bump :)

Been a fan of tracker writing since I was 13. A long time user of MODPlug/OpenMPT. I bought Renoise just over a year ago and have been loving it ever since. Really pleased with how well it is supported.

(HarryUP) #430

Bought 2.8 b7 on February 2012

(OshO) #431

Registered v2.0 - v3.0.

(fleow) #432

:drummer: Bouth it, i used tracker when i was 14 on AMIGA starttrecker…and now RENOISE time is commmmming… :walkman:

(AstralExistence) #433

bought friday. this is my first time using a tracker but i like it so far.

(escii) #434

I did it again

(rictheobscene) #435

Did my 1st upgrade. Good products are easy to support.

(lwpss) #436

Bought 2.7 on 3/07/2011.
It was the day of my birthday btw :)

(Defiant00) #437

Bought it a few days ago.

I’m pretty new to tracking but already having a blast.

(SpyderByte) #438

I can’t remember when I bought it, but I think it was around January 1st 2k12. Version 2.7.
I used the 2.8 beta first though haha.

(Kaede) #439

Hi Everyone!

Just purchased my first version of Renoise after being an off user of the demo for the past year. So happy! :)

(Veggies) #440

Just made my first purchase for 2.8. I’ve played with Renoise many times before and kept putting off buying it, but now it feels great to be an owner and supporter of this awesome program.