Bump This Thread If You Purchased Renoise

(mr_mark_dollin) #441

Bump. Was vert exciting to be hanging around the precursor forum when the project was still Noisetrekker 3, and I fondly remember the polls we had to name this wonderful thing “Renoise”. I’ve been using since Version 1. However, in 02-03 I was a student and couldn’t afford much. At the end of 03 my Mum bought me a licence for 1.27. Hooray for Mums! From memory I think I updated to the second licence club in early 2010? Anyway, what a journey this has been. Great ideas. Great community. The legacy preserved with an eye to the future. Looking forward to being part of the 3rd license club and beyond. Renoise for life.

(tL One) #442

Bought 2.6 or 2.7 , don’t know exactly. Wasn’t too happy.

Since 2.8 and the release of a lot of really useful bread n butter tools for everyday production stuff, I use it exclusively.

(means: in a professional studio enviroment, now how sick is that?! :) )


(pselodux) #443

Hello! I never tried the demo version but someone told me about the automation features which got me quite excited. As a Buzz user I thought it would be a logical progression so I decided to just buy it. Still haven’t quite got my head around it just yet but I’m looking forward to using it (along with Reaper) for my new prog-surf-disco stuff!

(James Bos) #444

Bought 2.8 this week! Couldn’t be happier! :D

(Nor Tamena) #445

I bought 2.7, it was about 3 months after the demo. It was my first DAW and once I looked at it I was like WTF? How can anyone learn this? But then, I opened quickstart guide, learned about instruments and notes and after like half hour I was going crazy with sounds and notes placement! If only sequencers were so easy for the beginning :( I always miss that possibility to just click and press a button and the note is there :P

(jonte) #446

New user since a few weeks back. I have used traditional midi-roll DAWs for about two or three years, and I never really developed a decent workflow for actual composing.
So I try Renoise for a couple of hours, and I notice a huge increase in productivity. Less mouse work and more contextual information right in front of my eyes. No need to jump back and forth between blocks of midi-data. Thank you. :)

(*Afreakana*) #447

Bought 2.7 a few moths ago but i felt i had to push this thread a little bit. ;)

And i have to say im really happy with 2.8 now. Occupies me for hours each day now!

(Rolf) #448

Got it last month!
Here is my first effort.


(drfish) #449

Purchased a few days ago - been playing with the demo for about 2-3 weeks and really liking it. I dont have a Tracker background, I wasnt drawn here through years of creating music on Amigas etc…, in fact, am fairly new to making computer based music entirely. My son recently introduced me to some modern electronic music (ok, ok, it started with Skrillex…) and just got me turned on! I have always enjoyed many types of music, but this just sounded like something I could enjoy trying to create.

I am a full time sole Linux user an I have been playing with what is available in open source, and there is some good stuff there, but came across Renoise and decided to give it a whirl. Soo much fun. I dont see it as a replacement for everything else, I expect to do a lot of work with Ardour 3 as well, but right now getting my head around it and just putting together some groves, renoise is a lot of fun.

I would like a piano roll, though I dont see it as a replacement to the tracker interface, more of an addition/alternative. That said, I am getting used to the tracker - and not being a strong instrument playing musician anyway (guitar and bass years ago) its all about how I put together some noises I bash out on a keyboard and pads, so representation is not really terribly important.

Renoise also gets to be only the second piece of Linux software I have purcased. It is a very nice, polished product, I am having fun with it, and the price is very reasonable. I like to support development on my favorite platform (I am a sofware engineer myself by trade) and Renoise is the right kind of product with the right kind of price and attitude.

Hopefully soon I will start posting some music, and eventually expect I will join the scripting community as well.

Thanks to the Renoise team for helping me on my journey into music!

(MrMaen) #450

Just purchased 2.8 last night. My first experience with a tracker-based DAW. But slowly getting the hang of it :D


Purchased at version 1.5 (whenever that was)… Loving it ever since :D

(iamjoey) #452

After a year and a half of going back and forth using the trial version, I finally made the jump and purchased renoise 5 minutes ago! Good to finally be among the license owners.

(J-Hob) #453

Just purchased it myself after tinkering around with the demo for a couple of weeks. Looking forward to getting my teeth into it some more!

(Nightlander) #454

Being a happy Renoise 2.8 owner… registered it not long ago and for a very good reason… it’s amazing! :slight_smile:

(vp1) #455

Registred 2.8 a few days ago.
Great tool, works very nice with linux!

(音楽のパ� ディ) #456

I bought Renoise yesterday. I have decided not to upgrade any more propellerhead or ableton licenses.

Greetings, And thank you Development staff.


(mSepsis) #457

I’ve been holding out and holding out, there’s no possible way to win the prize at the end of this thread! ;)
I think it was january 2008 that I bought renoise 1.9.1. Easily the best investment in my entire studio, audio or video related!

Thanks renoise team for keeping this program going and so well suited and managed. It can’t be easy work to listen through every person’s ideas/requests/etc and consistently year after year keep the program cohesive and forward moving, and the whole team more or less nails it with every update.


(CHoPS) #458

I purchased Renoise yesterday, but I’ve been using demo versions for several years. I wish I had bought it sooner! Viva Renoise!

(Emmanuel) #459


Purchased Renoise two years ago. Used it every day for two months, then production crisis, stopped everything, blablabla.

Back on tracks for two weeks after two years of… hu… many things that had to be done. Installed Live. Installed Renoise. Deleted Live haha. My Live licence will sleep now.

What I see is a gifted and furious crew of developers. Many things I have on Numerology (my other magic tool) and I didn’t have on Live, are or will be in Renoise. LFO’s, Signal follower, etc, etc, and the lua tools are amazing too. Lightweight, stable, learn the tracker way can sometimes be a pain in the ass but it definitely worth it. My favourite piece of software.

(MdX MaxX) #460

I bought Renoise something like 9-10 months ago. I love it, it’s the only DAW that makes sense to me haha. I’m trying to get back into it after a long hiatus, but it’s kinda hard since I don’t have the money for the really good instruments and stuff.

I know next to nothing about music production, but I’m strong with music theory and am hoping to bring some of my ideas to reality!