Bump This Thread If You Purchased Renoise

(psn) #461

Bought 2.7 last spring. Had some extra time to really get into Renoise recently, love it!

(phonodyne) #462

Joined the Renoise bandwagon yesterday after spending some quality time with the demo over the last fortnight. I don’t have a tracker background but I’ve grown a bit disillusioned with certain other DAWs and expensive upgrade cycles. The speed of use, extensive keyboard shortcuts, and development ethos were the major attractions for me – besides the ridiculously reasonable price!

(phasebash) #463

Renoise 1.9, whenever that was…

(Nautilist) #464

hello peoples

purchased it at 2.5 and its my only daw. friggen love renoise!

first post :D

(Draygen) #465

I just purchased 6/20/12 … Maxed out the credit card, but its worth it! :)

(tomij7) #466

Purchased 2.7 after evaluating piano-roll DAWs. I’ve always paid for software I am using. I won’t be getting better value for money with any other software ever.

(ror6ax) #467

Bought myself 2.8 after a week of demo. it’s hot!

(TanookiMonk) #468

I Bought it like a month ago and my speed and the quality of production never been so great !!!

(KRIZ) #469

proud to announce that i have just purchased and registered renoise 2.8. it took me a month and a half to save,while i was using the demo version.im not new to renoise either.started off years ago with fasttracker and then had renoise 1.1 for about ten years.i could have gotten a craked copy but opted to wait until i saved enough money.love RENOISE and its developers for life.

(hermess) #470

:w00t: What i win ? what i win ?

(mars.64) #471

Just registered my first copy of Renoise, 2.8 yaaaaay!


(8Track) #472

Purchased a week or so ago, badass :)

(wubluv) #473

Purchased a couple of weeks ago… Then decided I wanted something else to “fill out” my tools. A bunch of other DAWs—from Ableton to Reaper—were difficult to get up and working with everything I do (I rewire Reason a lot). Fruity Loops was okay, but the interface was/is kinda bloated.

It was like taking a voyage only to be grateful to return home. And if I really need a piano roll, I’ll use Reason’s… :)

(parasight) #474

Purchased a week ago. Love it!

(mehrdad) #475

Bought a little over a year ago after using the demo for a month or two. Love it!

(Subsky) #476

Bought and proud!

(jespis) #477

on my birthday (09.09.) :)

(kaeovo) #478

Bought my version back when it was 1.5. Loved it ever since. Used demo versions for a looong time before that. Renoise is absolutely fantastic.

(Moxon) #479

Bought mine a week ago after trying the demo. I instantly liked it, the consistency of the interface, the excellent platform independence. I use it both on Windows and Linux and love it very much. Big thanks to the dev team!

(rtkeeling) #480

Finally got mine, and I’m happy to be here!