Bump This Thread If You Purchased Renoise

(Jacitm) #481

Purchased at 2.5, still here at 2.8.1 -always learning :walkman:

(Name User) #482

Ended a 10 year piracy streak. First sequencer I thought was worth buying, probably last.

(Ivno) #483

Purchased yesterday, still whooping.

(Bad Mind) #484

purchased 2.8.1 few days ago… i’m in love :drummer:

(ivo) #485

Purchased 2.8 in August. Excellent piece of software.

(Arkay) #486

Purchased today not even knowing if I’ll be any good at using it. But an awesome tracker that runs on Linux… Had to buy it just to support the effort! ;)/>

Used to love trackers a long time ago… Haven’t used one really since protracker on the Amiga… Will be interesting for sure!

(ReverendEntity) #487

October 28, 2012

(license) #488

1.5 license expired in 2010. Updated to 2.8 over the weekend.

(elwood) #489

In & bump before the world ends! I made the purchase after demoing Renoise for a few weeks. Renoise FTW! :w00t:=)

(It-Alien) #490

wow, I believe you are “that” Elwood from the demoscene?

shame on you for being so late on joining the Renoise party! You are very lucky because the world did not end ;)

(vV) #491

Ofcourse not, making the new Mayan calender is just a lot of work (carving 144.000 quotes of the day in stone isn’t something you do in a few minutes you know?)

(L4nd3R) #492


2.8 first purchase. :yeah:

(Sound_Compozer) #493

Registered since 2.5

Yes! We can! :)/>

(polsab) #494

I just got Renoise right before New Year. I’m enjoying it :guitar:

(gazagaza) #495


Purchased Renoise and thus playing with a tracker for the first time since my good ole fasttracker II / modtracker days back in the 90’s =)

Needless to say: I’m SIKED! ;)/>

Works well with my hardware too!! (elektron machinedrum / x0xb0x - well actually on the verge of buying one / electribe)

<3<3<3 + \m/\m/

(hayd.a) #496


Loving-off the Renoise since 2.6

(rvega) #497


(HayeNL) #498

Bump, bought it two days ago

(delt) #499

Bought it last month.

Best tracker ever, though it is missing a few important features.

(Din) #500

Bought it a week and a half ago.

Love it, warts (they’re small and not the ones with big, ugly, black hairs sticking out of them) and all.