Bump This Thread If You Purchased Renoise

(Skolskoly) #501

I don’t know what took me so long.

registered a year ago, never looked back.

(artfwo) #502

Bumpy-bump. Registered mine since 2.5 to have an early access for the beta of 2.6 :)

(PlugPlayBoom) #503

Bought last week :)

(Dylan G) #504

I got Renoise for like 50 bucks when it was on sale! And then won the lucky draw of the top 9 on Mutant Breaks 4 and received $100. So really renoise just hooked me up with $50 =D!!! Thanks Connors kid!!

(drlids) #505

Purchased today, after demo-ing for 60 hours, according to the Renoise nag screen. (I’m pretty sure that half of that time I just had the app open, but wasn’t actually using it.)

Reasons for buying: (i) good price point; (ii) the workflow suits my brain better than linear DAWs; (iii) simple to use, but lots of depth.

(Thanks to the devs for the 60 (?!) hours of almost fully functional testing time.)


(Sense/Net) #506

I bought my copy a while ago but did not notice this thread. 2.8.1ing and it’s great. I was searching for something new for a while and I tried demos of many DAWs. I have been on been on trackers for a very long time and was thinking about changing everything to have a fresh start and see if it helped my music (I’ve been having writer’s block and unfinished songs for a year).

Renoise struck a chord with me (LOL) and I decided not to leave the tracker interface since Renoise gave me nearly everything I was wanting. I’m 100% on Renoise now. So glad I didn’t waste money on a horizontal DAW and possibly hated it. Plus, I’m no longer uninspired and can make tracks I feel happy about again. Woot.

60 hours for me, too! I was shocked how fast time went when using. I knew it was time to purchase. :panic:/>

(midi error) #507


saw (and heard) someone using it live ages ago; instantly bought it.

(hai nguyen dinh) #508

I left DIGI Booster for Renoise in 2004, think it was v1.28?

(joule) #509

I was in shock after recently finding out that my license expires with v2.8. I made the upgrade instantly.

See you again at 3.8!

(emre_k) #510

Bought it a few months ago after pirating every single DAW/synth/effect on the planet for years. It turned out to be the best thing I ever did for music. I’m pretty much all native now. Big ups <3

(90n3) #511

Bump! Just bought it today… coming from an MPC… I’m really stoked!

(Carbonthief) #512

I uhh, I bought it 8 months ago, LATE BUMP ANYWAYS.

(odoyle) #513

I had the Demo for about 30 minutes before buying :D

(Sample Commander) #514

I purchased like 2 years ago. First time on the forum though. Started out on impulse tracker back in da old days. Hello friends :drummer:

(rtkeeling) #515

I bought my license in September 2012. I love that there are so many songs from other people to explore!


(spacetaxi) #516

I bought my Renoise license in January 2013. :walkman:

(littlewoodg) #517

I bought in at 2.5, kinda wish I could buy in more times cause it feels good-

(td6d) #518

You can buy another version update so you’ll be covered 'till 4.5 :rolleyes:/>

(B00MER) #519

Full supporter of ReNoise.

  • B00MER / ex Kosmic Free Music Foundation (KFMF)

(kryptonitejesus) #520

bump bump bump bump bump it up

tried the demo like 3 years ago… made my head hurt.
revisited the demo last week… made my head hurt.
still makes my head hurt but the wiki has helped a ton.