Bump This Thread If You Purchased Renoise

(Arrhythmic Orange) #521

Bought it a couple years ago, never looked back :D

(Jo Gala) #522

i won Renoise 1.52 license @ Bunzli13 Demoparty! Upgraded and waiting news =)

(tyrell89) #523

Bought my license in August 2013. Love it. :D

(Shiz) #524

Bought it today.

(KevinRK) #525

Just got it, tried the demo and fell in love.

(kaleidos) #526

Bump! 2012!

(Jolly) #527

I dont remember when exactly i bought it but i remeber that i have no doubts about it after trying demo version and then full non-licensed =) to render my first test projects.

(Raphael) #528

Hi, I’m new here :)
I bought renoise 2 weeks ago and I’m really loving it. I used to do a lot of things on MPC1000 jjos2xl, and I feel like I just found something similar but way more powerful
long live renoise!

(Jenoki) #529

bumped my upgrade to 4.5

(rhan) #530

Bought my license in 2011,cool!)

(Nnn) #531

Bought it some days ago.
Learning learning learning!

(vonHelmholtz) #532

Bought mine summer 2013

(mikobuntu) #533

i liked these parts of the email:_ First of all, thank you for your decision to register Renoise! & Have fun with Renoise! :)

im registered since 29/10/2013 , my only regret is i didnt discover Renoise a lot sooner, but better late than never :yeah:

(peripatitis) #534

Just bought myself the license. Have had the demo for some time playing with it.
Good stuff :guitar:

(Witcharrr) #535

After about a year using the demo of Renoise i finally bought myself the license. Hooray :w00t:

(Dattorz) #536

I bought Renoise back in late September because I was looking for a good Linux DAW to make music for my games. I haven’t produced anything yet (still getting my bearings - last time I made music was over a decade ago in the form of terrible MIDI files), but hope to soon.

(Nosveo) #537

I bought my license a month ago. I’m happy to be back to compose music and not have to go back to Windows or Mac.
With the distribution of KX-Studio, Renoise and a couple of Lomeer’s synths, if my music is not good, it is not the fault of Linux. :slight_smile:

(Paurini) #538

Dec 2013 renoise 3 :) very proud owner

(KURTZ) #539

((( - licence “upgraded” - )))

(forshaw) #540

had the demo for a while, bought it when i saw the 3beta