Bump This Thread If You Purchased Renoise

(terminalbash) #541

is it possible to see when i bought it i cant remember exactly

(gentleclockdivider) #542

upgraded license , still waiting for confirmation …

(dblue) #543

If you paid via bank transfer, then it can unfortunately take a few business days to finish. I’m guessing it might even be a bit more delayed during Christmas.

(gentleclockdivider) #544

Yep that 's how it happened .

(remst8) #545

Upgraded for v3.0. Very excited! :yeah:

(Goreteks) #546


HAI and happy new year :)

(bovine dance syndrome) #547

re purchased as I originally bought Renoise 1.8

Renoise 3.0 is awesome!

(Corleone) #548



(kjl) #549

When 2.8 went into beta!

(capitán kazoo) #550

sucessfully updated some days ago. finally i can try 3.0 beta! :w00t:/>

(czitkoad) #551

BUMP !!!

(LambdaKnight) #552

BUMP! (from way back in August)

(mSepsis) #553

I thought it was a bit dirty that I had to pay to use a beta that expires in a month, regardless I just upgraded my license so i could try out the 3.0 beta.

(trax) #554

started to use the renoise trial version around september-october, really liked it and so i bought the full version around christmas, great software ^_^

(ffx) #555

Bought Renoise 1.9 license in dec-2007 and upgraded until 4.0 on 31-dec-2013 :)

(thedigitalDog) #556

bought it two days ago for the first time ! i love it !

(misk) #557

just upgraded from my old 1.8 license! 3.0 beta is PHENOMENAL! excellent work guys!

(Spunkmeyer) #558

Bought it yesterday. Good stuff indeed!

(Mivo) #559

Bought it a couple weeks ago, still learning. :)

(kayvee) #560

21 April 2011…

That was a very nice investment.

Renoise 2.7