Bump This Thread If You Purchased Renoise

(Jesse Schilling) #601

Necro bumping!

purchased in January 2019.

(lilith) #602

Bump - in 2018

(noisetoys) #603

purchased in 2016

(telengard) #604

Purchased last year.

(bsom) #605

Just bought Renoise last week. :slight_smile:

(Fabrice) #606

Purchased twice : 2004 and a second time around 2013.

(Cooltrash) #607

6/18/2010 just before my birthday…
But a new Renoise will be every day party!

(mjkrakowski) #608

got 3.0 at 9. Nov. 2014.


Bought it the other day. Worth every penny.

(trueschool) #610

Yep, bought at version 2.8 in around 2011? Still going strong!

(Black Sun) #611

Bump. My favorite DAW so far…

(Neuro... No Neuro) #612

I thought i bought this last year… actually Apr 30, 2017. Wowee! Lovin’ it now!

(Widowsson379) #613

Just bought it right now :stuck_out_tongue:. Love the software and crazy drum control!

(Terumi) #614

I bought it three months ago!

(anttimaatteri) #615

i bandwagoned on 3.0 with redux. i still think i am in the asskickin business with it, cos its DAWn of the dead


I bought Renoise end of January 2019 and love it.
Trackers have always been fascinating but intimidating to me. Renoise has made learning it super fun.

I’ve been a hardcore FL Studio user since version 2.7, but FL12 began going a direction that screwed over my workflow immensely (if you like popup spam & distractions FL is for you (i still hope they fix it…))


Since i’m working on linux mostly, i was looking something for making music (beside ardour/mixbus for mixing, and at that time i didn’t like bitwig’s “unexpected” version jumps, and their blank promises etc.). I started using renoise like 2 years ago. I found out about renoise via warez sites, where i actually used the “pirated” version, but the next moment i downloaded “official” demo, which i was using for more than year and a half, and i made some music with it meanwhile. It’s awesome, and recently i bought it.
2019-02-28 11:13
It’s awesome!