Bumpy samples

i have noticed little bumps on the oscilloscope when playing samples that appear to be clean

they are stationary or jittery depending on the note played, and they make an annoying buzz .m.

i tested this with a simple square wave from a vst;
when played on the vst it shows a clean square in the oscilloscope,
but the same wave sampled and looped perfectly in the sampler has the buzzy lumps

does anyone know what exactly is going on here, and any possible solutions?

this is so frustrating @_@

Did you made sure that no track fx were involved during the sampling of the VST? (No fx on the master track). Another thing might be the plugin depends on a specific bitrate other than 16bit.
Do you get the same result with 32-bit?

i can say for certain that there were no fx involved, and yes, the same happens with 32 bit -m-

however, it seems that the sample is clean on C if that helps
it happens with all samples, whether imported, recorded, or drawn…

does the same happen for you?

Yes, i can reproduce this with adxhip vst. But when i play directly from the VST, i don’t get clean waveforms on the scopes either…

Which VST are you using?
Aha sorry, i notice magical8bit plug…

If i render plugin to instrument, i get clean samples. If i use Render To Sample, the non-C notes are incorrect.

probably to do with the interpolation. if you set it to none you don’t see the bumps. whatever music you make though, I really opine that you listen what you are making, more than judging what you see.

(just for if anyone wants to go on about this: renoise sample interpolation is pretty kick ass if you ask me. the ‘cubic’ default is very good for about any sample you would want to sound good on a lower/higher pitch. resampling a (perfect) square wave at different pitches is indeed easier with no interpolation, but mind that the square wave is probably the only source that has this property.)

PS double-u tee ef is =w= or oAo???

ah yes, the interpolation settings, i forgot about those

the reason i wanted to remove the bumps was the weird jittery buzzing they make;
not desirable for a big clean lofi ragga bass

aaand, um, this is my first time posting on these forums, im used to using odd emoticons elsewhere
ill try to stop that, haha

thank you for all your help!!

Well it could be just me who don’t know what they mean :P
It’s the same with graphics, if you are ‘pixelpushing’ aka doing pixel-for-pixel mspaint kind of art, and you want to display it on a larger scale you really don’t want any interpolation/anti-aliasing. (in that case though, you always scale it up by 2 or 3 or whatever, not 2.5 or sth…)