Bundle Renoise with free Vst/vsti

When you download Buzz the big pack, you get it bundled with some free Vst/Vsti.

I think it would be nice if you could make a package of Renoise that comes with some free Vst/vsti…So people don´t have to search the web.

Or a bit simpler: we could make a small list of good free vst(i)'s that work nicely in renoise and link to their pages.

mhh, wasnt a page like this planned some time ago ? a list of free vst fx which work seamless in renoise ?

and furthermore, jsut because a vst is free does not mean that you can simply bundle it with your software, the author of the effect can still define legal and illegal ways of distribution.

but its still a good idea aslong as if its about effects which are not related to the ones already built-in renoise.

Renoise come packed with built-in track-DSP that can fullfill almost any basic and advanced Efx esigence alone…

Of course there is room for personal improvement…
but if there is something that I would rather ask for… that would be VST-instruments… if you never collected any samplebank Renoise goes a little short on sound when you start (you have MIDI… if you’re that kind of musician)

I can build some VSTi('s) in synthedit for Renoise only, taking over the layout somewhat (for example Renoise version of 0xVA-3FM VSTi-> http://0xdBass.org ).