Burn Side - Quince

Song demo. Have a nice day.


enjoyed this one. something like a crossover between steve reich and aphex twin. the 2nd part of the mixdown sounded a bit too distorted but that would be my only gripe. good work

thanks emre_k. i blame my complete laissez-faire attitiude to izotope ozone presets for any audio imperfections. will check out steve reich.

I liked the melody of the sound that sounded like a strumming guitar.
I liked the beat and the melodies and the sounds you used.
I have no complaints, except that I like more variation and complexity.
But your track might be a good chill out track for when I need good background music.
On a scale of “never listen again” to “would definitely be on my playlist”, I would rate it a “more than likely to make it on my playlist”.

Nice atmosphere. :)

thanks all. i make the stems and loops in renoise and then put those those into audiomulch.
here’s the patch for the track FYI: