Buying A Mixer

Does anyone have any experience with buying a mixer? I’m gradually setting up my own studio and currently have a PC, the required software, an AKG D 660 S microphone, AKG K 240 Studio headphones, and have my eye set on the Dynaudio BM15A monitors which I may be being in a few months. But then I’d still need a mixer and was wondering if anyone knows of any respectable brands? I’m planning to stick to software effects for now and may switch to hardware later if I find there is an increase in quality, and so the mixer would just have to be a simple one with around 8 channels (for the microphone and perhaps a synth in due time), and to provide output for the monitors and hardware effects if I do ever get any. Does anyone have any insight into how to go about choosing the right piece of equipment for something like this?

I have a Behringer MX1602… although it was a few years ago I used it a lot. When I bought it Behringer mixers had good sound quality and were a bit cheaper than others. I think the situation is still the same.

Compared to Renoise, these mixers only have mono FX send (but return in stereo). I actually don’t know if that’s the case with most mixers, but it might be something you want to look into …

Anyone here use a multi I/O soundcard (with more than 2 outs) on a mixer, have it going through some outboard effects and come back in ?