Buying A Synth, Need Some Insight.

Nees some opinions. Any one have/ tried these? There in my price range so i figured i’d see what you guys have to say. Thanks.


I have the gaia, I love it.

Analog hardcore freaks will tell you it doesn’t sound like an analog, and they might be right. But it still sounds great, is really fun to program and makes tweaking in live performance absolutely possible.

Personally, I really like the Novation. The Gaia don’t have as much experience with, but I’ve just had great results with the Novation. I’ve only been able to briefly play around with the Gaia, and it did seem powerful for the price. i think the best thing to do is first, check out a bunch of videos of people performing the synths online and see which one you like the sound of better. Second, read as many reviews as you can about the device your planning to purchase. Finally, go to your local shop and get a feel for how they work and program. Weight out the cost and benefits of there sound, and usability(i.e. control), and decide what matters more to you.