Buying Renoise

Im not an owner of renoise yet but I think it would be great if byuing it now allows us to upgrade to 4 version, just an incentive to buy it right now, what you think?

buying renoise 2.8 gives you free upgrades up to and including renoise 3.8.

i think that is fair enough.

you can upgrade your license further at 20% discount.

well it is fair but I supose version 3 is close to appear so I think I´ll wait a little ;)

You’re free to do so! :D
I bought my first lisence back in 2007 and that one still counts today. That’s six years worth of free updates. Believe me, if you make a lot of music you almost want to spend more money on Renoise halfway through that :P

Also price might be higher…

You are rigth, besides the price is very good for what renoise does, I already own fruity loops and komplete, but I love trackers, almost all my songs were made with AXS maybe some of you know that sequencer, I love that tracker is exelent for composing, and its free since 2000 I think, now I want to remix all my songs and Im thinking in buying renoise, fruity loops is fantastic but I work better with a tracker, any way Ill buy renoise soon, the problem now is that I need time, some years ago I had all the time but no money , now I have the money but no time…

have a great day;)

AXS!! I remember that (1) it was great fun, and (2) very quirky software - by pressing the shortcut for “save song”, you might accidentally enter a note which would then be saved as part of the song :lol:/>

Isn’t there usually a small discount for new version releases?

There is, but usually when a new release is done, the main price will be raised, this also counts for the discount, because it is based on the main price.

Just a small calculation sum with simple numbers (not reality but so that i and nobody else has to pick a calculator):

Renoise now: $100
Upgrade discount:20%, upgrade cost you $80, You save $20
Stack upgrade (do two upgrades on backstage):
Total upgrade of this level cost you $160 -> You save $40, you have hypothetically updates up and running to 4.8

Renoise after new version: $200
Upgrade discount:20%, Upgrade costs you $160 -> You save $40, your update runs to and including 4.0
Renoise 4.0 might gonna cost $300, upgrading at 4.1 (because then your 3.0 license expires for 4.1) will save you $60, but costs you $240

$160 + $240 = $400 for two upgrades where in the upper example, you only shell out $160 for two upgrades.
Well, these are rediculous amounts of money, but if you do more upgrades, the savings get larger.

Do the math with the actual price and see what benefits it will have:the more pleasure you have from Renoise, the less risks you have your investment is a waste. If not sure, just use the demo for as long as you think it is necessary and decide whenever you feel Renoise is or isn’t the thing for you.