Buze Or Similar Linked To Renoise?

I used Buzz Tracker extensively some years back, but was rather annoyed by how unstable the program was.
The other day I came across the emulator Buze, and played with the idea of wiring it up to Renoise.
Anyone have experience with this combo?

And what’s the status with Buzz Tracker?


adapted the NET framework. even pure NET.-coded machines are possible now.

buze is at 0.8 now, new mixerview and stuff…

but what do you mean with “linked”? rewire, midi or vst?

the new polac loader (can be found in the jeskola forums) which has 64/32 bit bridges and other new stuff. and with midiyoke, sending
midiclock signal to renoise or receive it should be no problem.

rewire … dont know.

vst - theres only one test build for the buze vst. maybe you can find it on calvin’s batman.no

otherwise, may i ask why would someone use a tracker linked to tracker?! is it just the modularity and/or peermachines?

I don’t know what’s behind the sudden flood (2 threads, including this one) of buze-related stuff but another user just posted a guide for you to try out.

Haven’t used buze myself. Noodled around with Buzz years back for some time, but I always found it’s sample handling capabilities sub par compared to other alternatives such as ModPlug Tracker. Maybe there were some better machines around than the regular matilde, though…

Stable? Yeah they got it stable. They lost the code and then re wrote it so its good now =) Buze was the working alternative but its good now =)

Thanks for the info, guys. The reason I’d like to use Buzz together with Renoise, is the modular aspect, plus the machines. Some of those were great.

“were” ? you should see the newer ones !

Interesting! I’ll check them out asap :)

To add an element modularity to Renoise you also have other great options:

Bidule (Mac and Windows) is one. I’ve been using Bidule standalone live with Renoise Rewired in and it has been rock solid and wonderful.
You can also load the plugin version of Bidule on any track and send modulation data from one Bidule plugin instance to any number of other Bidule plugin instances on any other track(s).
I’ve been using it for about 7 years and it has opened up a world of new directions for me musically.

Another option is Mux (Windows only at the moment), which is similar to Bidule, and on sale right now. It’s not as deep and full-featured as Bidule, but has some other elegant features you may like.
Loads as a plugin. No Standalone.
49 Euro till August 31

Thanks for the heads up on Bidule, dformd, it looks very interesting. Is the user database good? Didn’t seem to find it on their homepage…

Hi Kyle :)
Well, the user database isn’t bad; there’s certainly some great things in it, but it really is time for the database to explode as there are a TON of Bidule users out there, but they’re kinda quiet when it comes to database uploads.
Especially now with MUX (the new modular host/plugin on the block) in full development swing and getting a lot of attention, I think it’s time for Bidule users to share their sh!t and show off Bidule’s capabilities, because it really is powerful and more capable (at the moment) than MUX in many respects.
On that note, I’M ONE OF THOSE QUIET Bidule users, BUT I’m planning to upload all the Bidule Groups (instruments, effects, sequencers, MIDI tools, spectral gadgets, etc…) I’ve developed over the past few years or so over the next few weeks.
After my show this weekend I’ll start cleaning them up (I want them to be as internally neat, organized, and clearly understandable as possible), and start uploading them to the Bidule user database.
That said, if there’s anything in particular you’re interested in doing with Bidule (and Renoise), let me know in this thread, and I’ll throw together a quick, rough, example video of one or more ways to approach doing it using Bidule and tools I’ve made with it.
I’m also happy to walk you through using Bidule in general, but perhaps that would be best done in the Bidule Forum.
There are a lot of great tricks (actually just sort of hidden control features) for building and using things in Bidule that can make it a hell of a lot faster than you may realize upon first impressions;
so I’d be happy to share those tricks with you.
Plogue pull the standalone beta (and demo) of Bidule from their downloads section when they’re about to release a new version, so I understand you may want to wait till the new demo comes out (hopefully this week!).
On the other hand, if you give me an idea of the kinds of things you want to do with it I’ll give you an opinion about how well I think Bidule will work for those purposes.

Thanks a lot for your info and generous offer, dformd :)
I’ll have to get back to you on this, as it’ll be a little while before I can afford the software,
and I’m not 100% sure which route to go yet.
But this software sure looks promising!

Thanks again :)