Buzz Like Editing

Do you maybe have idea that Renoise is similiar as Jeskola Buzz or Cubase. So you create Beat pattern, then you have


and then:

each of this pattern can consist many tracks.

And after creating this patterns you just organize your patterns in song combining, deleting moving. That’s a good idea and I’m pretty sure that you try Cubase or Jeskola Buzz. If you check Buzz you will know what I’m talking about.

Thank you.

there are some diskussions about buzz like editing - search the forum … and cubase - i say nothing about cubase B)

I have try search option but didn’t find, I’ll try harder.

So I’m not only which very likes Buzz, only what I don’t like on Buzz is, stop of development (author loose source at broken HDD) and loq quality of sound ;(.

Anyway I would like to see Buzz editing in Renoise, maybe some way to import Buzz songs into Renoise, he he?

Ok, I have read all forum considering Buzz sequencer. I think that Buzz concept is very good and will be great idea to copy this with some changes, to better :).
So next question will be, in which version?

And I have read that Renoise will support Buzz plugins, I don’t like that and don’t need it. I dont like free plugins, don’t believe in quality, and this effects is pretty much usefull only for house/trance etc… music, for composing some other types pop, rock, rap this fx doesn’t have much use.

FX doesn’t makes song, but producer, stay with delay, reverb, EQ :).

dove: in my opinion the buzz style editing and composing is interessting too - maybe i’m not wrong if i name it the modular or object oriented way … but i think it’s very hard to understand especially for beginners of the tracker-world … in Renoise piano roll is planned (don’t know in 1.3 or in 1.4 … ( i saw a piano roll button in the first 1.3 screenshots) in this way to edit/moving the note-data/bar’s maybe the note-editing gets an improvment also on the pattern-ed side. who knows … but i don’t think that u get the totally buzz-like editing style in some month within Renoise …

dove_g: you should read this:


you also should read BUZZ discussions better: ReNoise won’t support BUZZ plugins; the developers didn’t find an agreement with Jeskola.

Ok, great.

Can’t wait this function, I need to buy renoise. If renoise wouldn’t have that I don’t want to buy it.