Suppose Kant, the philosopher, was mistaken in claiming that we shall never come to know anything about the inner reality of nature. Suppose the Indian rishis, the Egyptian hierophants, the gnostic theurgists, the original, true Rosicrucians were not such mystagogues, charlatans, and deceivers as the learned have tried to make them.

Characteristic of the learned world today is its contempt for everything we have inherited from our fathers, as if all mankind’s experiences hitherto were nonsensical and useless in life.

Scientific research has come far within its own limited domains, but only the élite among the scientists are beginning to realize how little mankind knows about the whole.

What do the paleontologists know about the antiquity of man? Do they know that there have been fully developed men on our planet for 21 million years?

What do the geologists know about the two hemispherical continents, Lemuria and Atlantis, now lying on the bottom of the Pacific and the Atlantic Ocean; and what do the antiquarians know about their civilizations?

What do the archaeologists know about cultures nearer to us in time than those mentioned: the Indian culture of some 50.000 years ago, the Egyptian of 40.000 years ago, the Peruvian of 15.000 years ago, or even that of ancient Greece of 12.000 years ago?

What do the learned know about the different secret knowledge orders that have existed in many countries? What do they know about the order instituted by Vyasa in India some 45.000 years ago, or that by Hermes Trismegistos in Egypt some 40.000 years ago, the one by the first Zoroaster in Persia about 30.000 years ago, or that by Pythagoras just about 2700 years ago?

What do the learned know about existence, about the structure of the universe, about other kinds of matter and other worlds than the physical, about the fact of a fifth kingdom in nature?

What do these immensely learned know even about the individual’s life that continues after he has left his worn-out organism?

What they may perhaps have picked up of the pertaining knowledge is so distorted that it must be regarded as little more than gross superstition.

… I disagree!

(LOL, you have made my day, Foo? !)

Foo? man!

i’m so glad that others think this way…

they get so focused into the same way of thinking, an they are so scared of being labeled MAD! that they miss the blurs of truth surrounding them.

why is it that instead of them changing their perception, they try to force everything to “fit” inside their’s!

EVERY human being on this planet also think their sliiiightly better than the rest…so this goes both ways.

Peace & love

I know many human beings that think they suck compared to everyone else… these are called depressed people.

I also know people who do believe that they are equal to everyone else… these people are simply humble.

That aside, I love watching people make huge overgeneralizations. It makes me laugh :D


Everybody lives in his or her own world. In some way we understand eachother and in some ways we don’t. In most cases where we don’t understand eachother, this does not cause serious problems, in some cases this causes wars and complete mayhem.

I expected this reply.
People who tend to be “humble” , is probably thinking people who is’nt , is not that cool either… ergo - THEY think theyr better aswell :)

The fact that everybody thinks theyr slightly better than the next man is proven by statistics…

Do you always think you know everything about everyone? If that’s the case, I’ve yet to meet someone as omnipotent as you.

i think i’m sliiiiiightly better than the next man…


‘OT deluxe’?!

discuss a feature or leave it … please.

I’m not shure if this is a compliment .help me out.


—Synonyms 2. powerful, mighty, supreme.
—Antonyms 2. impotent, powerless, helpless.


Well maybe the synonyms are how you see it yourself and the antonyms are how you are interpreted by the rest of the world…
(or vice versa but that would define you depressed and not omnipotent.)

It squarely comes down(1) to two specific aspects: fear and laziness.

AS for the stats prooving ego-centricism I’ll provide my rebuttal with a joke (we like jokes):

Q: “Why is a piano?”
A: “You can’t wash a window with a brick.”


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vvooiis you are actually replying to this post.

godddamn hippies

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You would shure like a piece of that ass wouldnt you. Anybody moved out from their moms house yet?

Afraid of real work?


End quote.

I own my own house and also have a real life besides Renoise… en vloeken zal je ook niet echt helpen.

with renoise, omnipotence is just around the bend.

i was thinking maybe the disclaimer should be rewritten so that ppl that come to renoise wont sue when they develop super powers.


I live at my girlfriend’s mom’s house at the moment. Cos we’re broke, unemployed (well, I’ve got a shitty temp job and Henriette’s unemployed) and on top of it all we hardly do music these days. :P

Ah well. Nothing’s lost, we don’t pity ourselves at all and the music will come.

I’ll sue if I DON’T develop superpowers!

And yeah, I feel slightly better/worse than the next man/idiot I see. I’m not humble at all but I’m no asshole and generally respect everybody until proven guilty of being a total idiot. Then I stop caring. Unless I feel pity. Is that cruel?

Best of luck Sagosen… Hope you guys can get back into it soon… :)