Bypass On/off With Controller Numbers

I was wondering; Are there controller numbers for bypass on/off for fx or for senddevice to switch between keep source and mute source?

I would like to switch rapidly between distorted and undistorted for example.

Or maybe a switch (meta device) that you can assign to the on/off button of an effect. ) can be implemented in the future.


To bypass an effect in the effect list (turn it on/off) you put the following into the effect column:

xF00 Turn effect x on (x = effect number in list 1-E)
xF01 Turn effect x off (bypass=on) (x = effect number in list 1-E)

What I would find useful for this would be the ability to right click the effects on/off (tick/untick) switch and then that command is recorded in the pattern editor as it is done now with the sliders. i.e. click effect 2 off with the rmb and 2F01 automatically appears in the effects column. May save a bit of typing for situations like the one mentioned here.

thnx guys.!!!

It works great! Pressing the right mouse button was my first move too. I thougth now the number will show in the collumn But nothing happened.
Well no problem.

thnx again