C-64 Files In Renoise?

Is it possible to convert old C-64 .sid files to any format acceptable by Renoise?

don’t know … are there any sid2xm/it/mod converters out there?!

there is no converter that enables you to retain the note and pattern data.
the only chance to play .sid files in renoise is to convert them to wav/ogg/mp3 and load as a sample.

Nope, it doesn’t really work that way. C64 music (or sid-files) was always a combination of a playerroutine + musicdata, so there’s no way to convert it to module-formats really. What capabilities the musician had was dependent on what player-routine he used. So there were quite a lot of custommade players and editors really. Those sidplayers available are more of a c64-emulator (emulating most parts of the machine) than a musicplayer really.

You can’t convert sids to mod but you can convert them to midi. How you’ll go from there isn’t easy to say really. I would also suggest that you sampled from the sid-songs instead, preferably from the old sidplayer-versions where you could mute the sid-channels seperately (so you can sample stuff more easily).


i need 920 euro ;)

(imo it’s also a cool website!)

sidstation would be cool yeah… but its too expensive…

if you are into building things, you may try this - http://www.ucapps.de/index.html?page=midibox_sid.html

or maybe this - http://www.prophet64.com/

next one here… http://www.sidsyn.com/

Junior, can you recommend any program that converts sid to midi and some sidplayer that works with seperate chanels? Thank you.

Matka: Sure!



Download Sidplay/Windows here: (I checked and the channels are mixable. The emulation isn’t as authentic as the newer Sidplay2w but it’s still nifty for your purposes. :))


Thanks man.

C64 musics are basically small programs running. Its like you see a 3D-Demo and ask if there is a converter to 3dsmax, there is none.
the sid2midi converter I tried did not work very well.

Just for your info:

I stopped developing the SIDsyn since quite a while. So it’s not an alternative for it.

firestARTer :slight_smile:


And another link for C64 SID freaks…