C-Blu - Jazz From The Outer Space

Hi everyone, I made a quick demo few days ago, and I found it sharing-worthy. Don’t expect, it to be a banger, but comments a still appreciated B) Style: some abstract hip hop beat, with timestretching pad fun.


Nice one, C-Blu… Far out and atmospheric. Great hard beat… Especially nice clap sound.

Keep up the good work

In fact I’ve used the native Renoise 2.7 samples for the drums (unlike the 2.5 and 2.6 versions they rock just out from the box) no EQing just Bus Compressor on kick, for mastering.
I’ll try to experiment more with those athmospheric sounds. I’ll post the new songs here. ;)

Dope beat. Hard hitting atmospheric boom bap. I especially like the first half - the second half lacks that melodic element to push the track forward. Atmospherics only are a bit unsatisfying for me.

Really feeling the first half though.

Very good beat. Waiting for full version :)

Thanks for comments, I’ll try to improve the beat.

Check out my other beat, I’ve made it like a month ago, waiting for renoise 2.7 with 2.7 beta. For some reason I haven’t upload it at that time on SC. Well know I share it with you. ^_^