C/C++ Programming Language

Does anyone know any good resources for learning online?

Or any good books?

much appreciated!

Ah, (note to myself): standing under loud fireworks must give one the idea to learn C :slight_smile:

Just a little curious, do you have any programming experience midierror? How would you rate yourself?

Indeed, its a well-known side effect of exposure to loud noises. It results in a permenant desire to communicate in C/C++

Done a bit of lua for renoise, max msp - thats about it!

I was delving into this a while ago.

For C , I really liked this one. It was the first programming book I tried and was pretty helpful. You may find it a bit slow paced as it does go into all the basics for non-programmers


I`d say this was the best C++ starters book I got, very clear to follow, goes into quite a bit of depth by the end, finishing up with class template programming but friendly to beginners too:


Also found thenewboston channel quite helpful on youtube, for quick examples of C++ stuff. Easy laid back style:


Compiler wise codeblocks can be a nice free option for running snippets to console and you don`t want to fire up visual studio / a derivative:


May be of interest too if you are thinking of audio stuff. Bluecats Plug-n-Script. It uses Angelscript which is a C++ type scripting language (minus pointers that are replaced with handles). Means you can prototype stuff without getting into building the plug first. Might be helpful to play around with the demo and see the example code:


Note: I also found that it can be your head exploding after some of this stuff so remember your fireworks safety!

Indeed, its a well-known side effect of exposure to loud noises. It results in a permenant desire to communicate in C/C++

Hmm, I’m not sure if I was exposed 20+ years ago to a loud noise that set me looking at C (I must’ve got over the loud noise, I know I never got over C :smiley: )

Looks like Ledger has some links to C books/resources for you (and some very wise firework safety advice) :slight_smile:

What do you want to do and which platform/s are you going to code for?

Starting out myself from script languages and doing some C# stuff now.

Pretty good starting course on microsoft virtual academy since it also goes through the features of the Visual Studio IDE.

But if you’re going to go for OSX or Linux, then that may not be the best starting point.

A thread about C or C++, since it’s not really the same :slight_smile:


I’m slow at this sort of thing, but learning Lua first, then Python, and now C++ seems to be working out pretty well. Lua seems a very good beginner language, Python’s a bit more abstract/difficult (I’ve found), and C++ is… well for me, about as difficult as I’m able to handle. I think if I’d leapt straight into C++ I think I would have become disillusioned and given up, but Lua/Python appear to have given me a good basis for approaching it. I do find I’m tending to mix up similar elements of the different languages though, probably should have taken more time/practice between them. Just my $.02.

C++ would be pretty difficult to learn everything just from reading stuff online, I’d recommend getting a few books like Programming: Principles and Practice Using C++ and C++ Primer (5th edition)

the first of those two books was written by Bjarne Stroustrup, the person who actually created the C++ programming language.

A pretty good site to learn the basics though is http://www.tutorialspoint.com/index.htm

Great thanks for the tips, its something I see referred to a lot and would like to get into to program music software. I have a C/C++ Programmers reference book but its from 1999 and I’m not sure how relevent it is.

much appreciated

I can’t imagine there being anything in the books that you cant easily find with a quick google search, at least I never needed any book when learning C++

I’m a fan of the free courseware stuff floating around the internet. I haven’t done the c/c++ courses, but I have done a few others and liked them a lot. Here’s one I found that looks promising:


Programming practice and Principe using C++ is very good. It cover not only C++ but programming in general, including GUI.

You might be interested in synth edit Give it a try it is very interesting software. Visual Programming for plugin creations No code required however if u are into code you extend with your own modules

Make sure, it is a resource about C++1x. Cause there are so many new features compared to ANSI C++03, it is could be called C++++.

Or it could be called *(C++)++ :stuck_out_tongue:

In C++1x it would be something like *(C++.get())++ . The use of pure pointers is notorious. :dribble:

Like if C++ is inside a memory allocation where each entry correspond to a new language iteration.

Renoise iscoded in C++, right? WIth lots of alpha stuff and testing in Lua? Anyone knows?

But for more guidance, we need to know why you want to learn programming. Is it to make video game? Small utility? Programming a robot? Does it involve GUI? Networking?

Renoise iscoded in C++, right? WIth lots of alpha stuff and testing in Lua? Anyone knows?

I think so, C++. LOL, a few years ago I had a dream and in it I met taktik at a party. We talked about the music etc., but for some reason we both spoke a strange language which I kinda knew in my dream it was C++ (of course it wasn’t.) :lol: