C64 Game "caldron" Remake

Caldron Preview - Not Finished

I have always loved the music from the c64 game - Caldron and have been trying to remake it for a while.

This is not complete, but a work in progress.

Instead of the crappy typical pop/dance c64 remake approach I thought I would add a guitar (via slayer vst), double bass drum, a death riff someonewhere, etc.

Let me know how it’s turning out.

  • Roberto

i dont know the original but im sure liking this (gee why oh why ? lol) anyhow, its pretty chaotic and raw just the way i like it. in fact im rocking to this at max volume. again, overall it needs more velocity changes. yeah liking it so far !!! i would take a bit low from the guitars so the drums have more room.

Thank you for the feedback! I never finished this track. I will definitely take some from the guitars. Great suggestion.

It is much appreciated.

I didn’t realize you had responded.

can’t use the link, getting a 404 error :(

Hey Jonas sorry about that man -

Here it is -

Caldron Preview - Not Finished

Ok I removed some of the bass from the lead guitar as suggested and added some bottom to the double bass. Does the double bass sound better?

Also added some more patterns and possibly and ending. Now sure what to make of it.