C64 Messiah

This is the theme song, so to speak for my new persona, c64 messiah.

Kinda has a weirdish electro feel with a c64 lead… I like it. Gonna make it pretty funky when it gets going.

Any comments appreciated as always -


That lead reminds me of this v-snares track, I think it’s on the album meathole "you can live in my coffee cup… something about feeding you flies… more wierd shit :blink: "- yeah… anyways, this is a cool tune- it’s kind of a wierd mash of old school electro meets the downtempo dnb (that bass in the background). Reminds me of kraftwork for some reason. Nice.

Killer!!! I told you before, I like it when you go chip :)


Updated the song the other week.

I created some voice snipets with “sam” on the c64 and also used some excellent samples from Roberto Tilton, everyone’s favorite “farting preacher”.

Check out the latest version. Getting some excellent comments on it elsewhere.


hey, is someone hoovering the floor in the other room???

i didn’t get to hear the 1st version but new version is cool.

interesting melodies around 1:50

so what is this new persona??? does this mean you will be releasing more music like this? :D

I am finding myself releasing so much stuff and most songs are just entirely too different to release under one name so I have created several others.

An upstart 8bit label is interested in releases from “c64messiah” so I have quite a few chip style tunes in the works at the moment.

Trying to get me to commit to a release date for some songs. I am horrible about working under pressure when it comes to releasing music and hope I don’t phuck up.