Call For Collaborators

Dear fellow renoisers,

I’ve been making music with renoise for some years now and I have the
feeling that I cannot develop my techniques/styles any more without some
collaborations. Since jamming with friends did not end up in any
projects, I’d like to invite you, the renoise community, to join
me. Okay, you might say, this will give a rather big band, and I’d
agree, so there are a few rules:

The first two people accepting the rules above and pronouncing
their interest in joining the project will join the project. That
makes a three-people-project.

I work with renoise on a kubuntu machine, so I would appreciate using
mostly samples, to guarantee cross-platform development. I do not
intend this project as a high-end production, since I am not that
experienced yet and do not make a living from music. The main focus
will be on fun, gaining experience, developing skills and having a
(virtual) band-like feeling. Please do not hesitate to send me a PM,
if you have further questions.

Let’s do some bad-ass Voodoo-darkish-swing-jazz-electro groovy music :)


Nice! I’m not to to experienced but I would DEFINITLY be down for this!


hi there, chris!

i could contribute with some fretless bass guitar playing if you guys think it fits. i don’t have much time these days so it might be good if you have some lines that you want me to lay down.

i got a little sound test of my bass laying around so pm your mail addy if you want a sample of what it sounds like.

edit: ok, i saw rule # 5 there so i guess i shouldn’t really join. but if you want some audio samples to work with then just shoot me a pm. (=

Yeehaa, I mean, Arrr,

that makes 2[sup]1[/sup]/[sub]2[/sub] members :) The rules where meant to be a arguable.
I am sure some real music (live bass playing) will give the songs more life.

Welcome aboard niNja, welcome to the dinghy maes. I think we should switch discussion to pm or email,
I’ll send you my address as soon as I come home.

I am really looking forward to all this, greetz, Chris

edit: I have to say, I am already working on a tune-idea. I’ll send it to you later this week.