Calling All Australians

If you live in Australia, please reply with your location.

I’m in Newcastle, NSW, Australia.

Good lord I do believe I am Australian.

Armidale, NSW, Bhutan.

East coast Renoise party - bring it. :yeah:

Sydney here.

A bit off topic but I’d really like to visit Australia within the next few years and hopefully live out there for a while. A year or two, or five, or wherever the wind takes me really.

Atlantis (the user, not the country) is also australian, I guess…

+1 sydneysider

maybe we could organise some sort of live set somewhere, the au renoise crew cuttin up the 1’s and 0’s (haha, I cracked a funny)…I dont know how that would work but if it did it would be fun, right?

i have some relatives in Australia that i have never met :)

If dBlue wants to come visit rural Armidale, with university, cold weather, +1000m above sea level, odd little live scene, he’s quite welcome to come stay. (hehe, I’ll show him the 99 songs I’ve used Glitch in recently).

But most visitors go to Sydney, and Sydney is, well, Sydney.

Atlantis is a New Zealander.

Live set? Gawd I’d be maximum+++ if I could just get a collaborative tune done.

hehe… I know what you mean. I’m from England and whenever I’ve been in other countries so many people I’ve talked to have said “oh I’ve been to the UK!”. But what they really mean is “I’ve been to London”, which is a completely different planet compared to the rest of the UK.

I usually prefer checking out the less tourist-y areas of places I visit. Sure it’s nice to check out the big city hotspots just to say that you’ve done it, do a bit of shopping, etc., but I’m not at all interested in the herd mentality, or in being wrapped up in the metrosexual MTV lifestyle that so many people apparently strive to achieve. I’m much happier getting dirty on a hike through the woods or riding my mountain bike or something like that. Provided I have a computer and Renoise to come home to at the end of the day of course :D


Don’t some of the old Bloody Fist lot use Renoise?

hey, we’re not all like that Dblue!

As with every big city theres alot of robots that keep the wheel turning but theres still some signs of intelligent life if you look hard enough :D

Also, the tourist spots are a sham, the real fun is in the places most locals don’t even know about

Hmmm Bloody Fist have been at it for a while, but I’ve never been sure of what they are using. Whatever it is, it’s probably very rusty and sharp.

Goodness knows who else is out there using it. I know one guy from Perth, James DXU, but that’s it.

Sydney sure has it’s interesting little bits, 2SER, some great second hand record stores in Pitt Street…

Now now, don’t tell 'em too much ;)

Are Bloody Fist still in existence? Their web site says they finished up a couple of years ago…

Would be good to re-awaken the hardcore scene in NSW.

As far as I know Bloody Fist are no more :( But a few of them are still working on other projects. Don’t know exactly what at the moment to be honest, but it’s not like they would just dissapear off the face of the planet (one hopes)

i’m american, but i have always wanted to go to or live in australia

Have a look out for Killing Sheep, which seems to be a very brutal offspring of these guys.

As of 2004 the underground electro scene was mostly Sydney glitch — Couchblip, Flurpsquad… bits and pieces… But now I’m not so sure.

Brisbane here.

Any more Australian’s out there now? Come on, I know I’ve met a few more here and there? Bug? Daymoe?

Was thinking. somewhere in the back of my mind, it would be nice to have an east cost demo party, like these damn Europeans have all the time ;) Might be a little hard to do with 3 people though ;)

I’d seriously be up for it though. I would love to drive most of my studio equipment to a great one off party if I knew it would be good.

Australian. In Melbourne. As implied by my nick, martyfmelb.

Good place to be.

i too, yearn for a demo party in the US. but i’ve got an idea… i’ll create a teleport between east coast US, and east coast AUS, and then we can have 6 people at the party :D