Camo Theme And More Instruments

I’d really like that same camo theme back, the green one or is it renamed?

I also have 2 XRNI to add if you like

renoise amen kit 92k

Amen kit with timestretches XRNI 1601k

Or here for anymore in the future:

I found the camo theme, it disappeared on me.
But I still would love to see more instruments, like a lot more.

Instead of the hogging the install dl with more memory, I think it is better to offer instruments on a site. Why not upload your instruments here? :


I posted an xrns here a few months ago, and the reply I got was users upset that I didn’t put it up on soundcloud, and embed a soundcloud player so they could listen to it,
instead of downloading it.

I was like WTF!?!?!
They were very adamant about not wanting to download the source file,
they instead only wanted to listen to it on soundcloud.

keeping in that mode of thought, I don’t want to download a bunch of instruments, and then download a bunch of instruments again and again.
I just want to go into the instruments folder and load the instruments.
They aren’t very big mostly. I’m not talking about very big 30 second multisample instruments.
Just more kits, synthes, pads, basses.

I wouldn’t expect more instruments in the betas or RCs but during final releases I think it would be good a compliment as most users would only download the final once or twice.
If bandwidth is an issue, could even take the instruments out of the betas and RCs, just that could possibly make up for it, and we get more included instruments to play with.

would be nice to also have those newer tron themes I saw posted here a few months ago, even though tron2 was crap I still reminisce on tron, and the tron themes were very Tron.

Imagine being able to do this out of the box.

It fits the camo theme too, it’s jungle.