Can Any One Speak German

Hi I wondered if any of you German speakers could have a bash at translating this .…baesse-so-gehts

I popped it through google translate and it still doesn’t make a stunning amount of sense .

If any one can translate this I’d be really greatful ( plus I’m sure other peeps would like to read it too) .


I can’t translate it (because i am no german) but I can see it’s a walkthrough to make noisia baselines.
This will defenitly be in other languages also. I once had a magazine where it was in.
just keep on googling.

also check the renoise demosong “ride’n lightning” There’s a good way to make a dirty baseline!!

Even I can read it, although I don’t speak german. “Der Tube Plugin” is not that hard to understand. ;)

think i saw it on dogsonacid in english allready…

Hi, I’m a native german speaker, might translate it this afternoon if I have the time :)

If you do, you will be a guruh member directly ;)

but the links to the audio files seem dead… so…

download playlist!