Can Anybody Explain Me This Bulls..?!

Alright, Finally, I’ve got 55 euro’s on my paypal account > YAY! I can buy Renoise :D

what the… €5,25 backup service?! :huh: remove

Blablabla name, phonenumber etc…

…shit, €3,50 PayPal fee, ah well, €53,49 grand total :)

Well, no!!

VAT 19% FEE!! on bloody software!! :wacko:

So I couldnt buy Renoise. <_<

Now, 3 weeks later I’ve upgraded my money to 65 euro’s so NOW I can buy Renoise for real! :D

NO f****ING WAY!!

Unbe-f****ing-lievable somehow there’s €20,- EXTRA bullshit costs on a software program that should cost €49,99

f**** this, I dont even want renoise anymore! (alright thats a lie, but I refuse to pay that shit)

paypal is evil.
you’d be better of paying with a credit card,
if you have one.


iseems obvious, that the people at paypal are to blame for this incident.

At first I pay €3,50 Extra for Paypal use, and at the very end, after ‘THE GRAND TOTAL’ Paypal charges me another $5,84, pathatic.

Renoise is worth every penny.

Despite the tax and paypal gouging, let’s put this into perspective here, have you even looked at the price of other DAWs like Logic etc? You can’t get a lot of VSTs for the price Renoise is going for. The developers want commending for resisting the temptation to rip people off. This is probably the biggest bargain in music production software apart from Reaper (which I think is even starting to be paid for now).

Thanks for your explanaitions but youre wrong at one point.

$104,74 = €69,xx :(

Anyhow, I’m gonna buy it now caus I cant resist the power of Renoise any longer, and my MIDI keyboard will arive tomorrow, how would I explain to him I dont have a legal version of any music production program? :(

get urself a visa mastercard from ur bank or sumtin…
than you’re freeeeeee ee e… … .


Thank god. I thought I was the only one that talks to my gear.

I just wanted to say Renoise is the best tracker I’ve ever discovered. I’ve been using Impulse Tracker post 1995 and these past few years I’ve been desperately trying to find a newer alternative. I’ve tried everything out there(I even tried renoise back when it was in its infant stages) and they all suck as far as I’m concerned. I’ve done music for a lot of video games and whatnot and over the years I’ve watched myself become dated by these youngins’(I’m 26 :S ) with Reason regardless of technical ability or and other thing that matters with music. My tunes lacked reverb, FX, and modular instruments(VST mainly) and I’ve been using ReNoise for a week and my test songs from learning the program are topping any of my latest works from Schizm Tracker(the Impulse Tracker clone.)

Short summary: Renoise is the shit. I love it. As soon as I pay off my cred cards I’m sold :)

Oh, here’s my test tracks:

The sound quality is way better than what I can pull off with my old software, thanks to EQ and effects.