Can Anybody Tell Me What The Difference Between These Two Are?

Just started getting a hang of this wonderful piece of software. I got myself acquainted but I can’t seem to understand what the difference between these two are:

One is highlighted, the other is not. How to highlight/deactivate highlight and what it does is beyond me so any help is appreciated.

Welcome to the forum, Bonker!!

Two orange squares…hmmm,. I’m guessing that it’s a screenshot of the pattern sequence?

The pattern sequence is representing the order of patterns (the sequence) in your song, and the number refer to the pattern at that position. You can doubleclick to change the number, or use CTRL + left/right arrow keys to switch between patterns on the fly. If you don’t want this (repeating any patterns in a song), you can also right-click and choose “sort and delete unused patterns”

As for the highlight, it’s, well, a visual guide. It doesn’t do anything as such, but you can change the way it’s behaving in the lower panel -> Song settings.

Hope this helps!!

Thanks. I look forward to this!

Well, I’m perfectly aware of their use as far as the numbers go, but it’s the light versus the dark version (what I call highlight/non highlight) I’m in doubt about…

It’s the feature “Highlight every xx blocks”, found in the Song Settings tab as danoise mentioned.

It’s quite a useful feature, really. If you typically arrange sections of your song into groups of 4 patterns, for example, then you can set the highlight to change from light to dark every 4 patterns, and that just gives you a nice little visual clue about your song structure.

I see. Thanks! I thought I saw a pattern, but couldn’t make out what or why.

damn this is awesome, i had no idea!