Can anyone ID this Breakbeat

I have this lo-quality breakbeat I’m trying to identify and I just listened to about 2000 drum loops + all the AMG/Data-G/Akai Sample CDs.

I’ve isolated and repeated it here:

When I Shazam it at different speeds I get these results, all too obscure to be on WhoSampled:

The Global Optimistic - Alone in the city (feat. Moon Reflecting)
Baby Mammoth - Swing Business
Get This Party Started (Ghost Remix) (@2:45)
TDP Boba Fatsax (Feeling Me)
Just a little - RandyK
Statik Sound System - Secret Love
Mars Venus - Pronadji put
Soulchillaz - Your Heart
Stream It by Deeproducer

I’ve emailed a few of the producers but no luck yet. I’m betting it is on a sample CD as some of these productions seem low budget.

Sound familiar to anyone? Been looking for ages

For me it sounds like made with a drum machine. I know the most of all the drum breaks out there which were used in drum & bass/jungle music, but this one i never heard.

Yeah probably not a true break sampled from a drummer, but since all these jazz groups/independent hip hop producers are using it it’s got to be on a fairly popular pack somewhere. Trying to recreate a song I made in the 2000s and I know I downloaded it somewhere as a loop. Any parameters you think I should use to refine my search?