Can GitHub Actions be used to roll a xrnx?

Hi, I’ve got Paketti as a GitHub repository. I sometimes update it.
But rolling it into a shareable xrnx file is very confusing to me. I mean, doing it manually from the folder, i don’t know how.
but are there GitHub Actions methods of rolling the package into an installable xrnx directly?

an xrnx file is a zip file. If you unzip it, you get a structure like this:

      <other folders or files as needed>

If you have a directory structure like this, you can create the xrns by zipping it up to produce that structure.

I have no idea how GitHub actions would manage this though.

You might do better to do this locally and adding the resulting xrnx to the git repo.

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As @James_Britt said you just need to zip the contents of a folder into a zip with the same name using the zip command, then you can upload that as a release, both of these can be done from an automated action.

nice, thanks. i hope i’ll figure out how to do it. so far i have not seen anything in the github actions page that would help me accomplish it. or anything that specifically says “pack repo”

You can get familiar with how writing scripts for actions work by reading the docs for actions, or specifically about the “releases” feature on github.

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can you confirm if this works?

also, a friend is having issues with removing the tool:

what might be going on?

Install fine, uninstall fails with that message. BTW, you shoud omit the .git and .github folders when zipping up the tool.

They just bulk up the tool disk space for no reason, and they are the reason the uninstall fails. : )

When I deleted those folders manually I was then able to uninstall the tool…

And what is LiveSmartFolder.workflow for? I think you need to weed out extraenus files and folders from the released xrns file.

But otherwise looks good.

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Thanks! Ill fix that. I was also wondering abt the zip being 406kb, felt weird. Thanks for pointing the Content issue, was really wondering abt the error.

This will be an easy fix

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i’ve fixed it. thanks!
the package is much smaller now, less than 200kb. thanks for the help. i think my next thing is: how to provide version history?

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but maybe i’ll have to create a new ticket about it.
by version history i don’t mean GitHub commit history, i mean more like, some way to auto-update the script, even though it is deployed by GitHub Actions.