Can I Add More Notespaces Per Pattern?

Hi everybody!

Can I have more note spaces at the same bpm speed. Ussualy I used to double the speed of songs and to double the note spaces. Instead of 160 Bpm and 64 note spaces, i put 320 and 128 note spaces. That was in Madtracker. How can it be done in Renoise, but i want the 128 note spaces at the normal speed (not that double speed thing!) with the same pattern lenght. Did I make myself understandable?!?!


each line “travels” at a speed dictated by the number of “ticks” per line. You set the number of ticks next to the BPM (so, say you have a BPM of 160 and 6 ticks per line (6 is the default), if you wanted twice the number of lines at 160, change the tick speed to 3 and double your pattern length. You can also “expand” something that was written at half speed by highlighting a selection and using the advanced edit screen)

You can change both BPM and Tick speed at any point in a track with a command in the effects column, tick speed is F1## (so F106 is speed 6) and BPM is F0## (## is in hexadecimal, so F090 is 144 BPM for instance)

If you’re searching the box, where you can change the pattern length, it’s at the top left on the screenshot, where the 64 is.