Can I Connect Roland Hd-1 V-Drums Lite To Renoise


I’m thinking about buying these:

I want to connect them to Renoise via MIDI OUT connector (5-pin DIN type), and use them to play using some of my VST instruments that I use with Renoise. Is this possible? If yes, how to do it (I don’t have MIDI IN in my computer). What additional hardware (and software?) do I need to buy to make this thing work with Renoise? I would like to avoid buying a new soundcard at this time, so some kind of MIDI-to-USB interface would be great.

Thanks in advance!

cheap midi keyboard with midi/usb… might have some latency, so try to use asio drivers… I have a CME U-Key Mobiltone… theres cheaper tho

edit: then u got u a keyboard too ;)

One of these costs about £32 and will probably have much more reliable drivers than a cheapo USB midi keyboard:

Thanks guys. That MIDI-to-USB interface looks interesting. I think this is what I’m going to buy. I already have a midi keyboard (M-Audio), but I’m not quite sure how I can use it to connect the V-Drums, as U4iC suggested. Would it need to have MIDI IN? Mine doesn’t have MIDI IN (it only has MIDI OUT).